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Welcome to an experience you will not soon forget. Please take a leisurely stroll through our Amish Trail website where you'll see breathtaking images and learn a little about our area of Western New York. This hidden gem is just waiting for you to come and get caught up in an entirely different way of life.

Some of the signs along the Amish Trail

“What a stunning setting. This area has much greater appeal than Lancaster County, PA. What a gem! There is no hint of commercial development in the entire area so that visitors really feel as though they are in a different era ...”

- Roger Brooks, Destination Development, Inc.

Some of the Buttons for NY's Amish Geotrail

Earn geobuttons by finding geocaches while exploring the rural countryside! When you have collected at least 10 geocaches you'll submit your finds to receive a trackable geocoin! Learn more.

Spring into some fun!

Watch the Amish Trail Blossom in Springtime with flowers, baby animals, and no more snow on the roads!

Springtime along the Amish Trail

Enjoy nature coming to Blossom on the Amish Trail in Springtime!

The ice and snow have all melted along the back roads!  Adventure through the Trail to find unique handiworks and learn about the culture of these people, who live separate from the modern world.   You will find yourself relaxed and renewed as your cares seem to disappear to views of farmlands, open spaces, and charming backdrops filled with sunshine.  You will see meticulous gardens, full of crops sprouting up and horse drawn plows tilling the fields.  Look for freshly made maple syrup, birdhouses to decorate your yard with or plant your own garden after purchasing already started plants from their greenhouses.  Follow hand-painted signs down the side roads to the Amish businesses where you can purchase a wide variety of goods, each made with incomparable hand craftsmanship. 


While you’re in the area, make impromptu stops at an Alpaca Farm like Cardinal Acres Alpacas, Mager Mountain Alpacas or Simply Natural Alpaca Gift Shop to experience these lovely animals who become extra playful in the Springtime.  Grab a bite to eat at BB's Family Restaurant or Ten Point Tavern, or enjoy a Vegan dish at the Mustard Seed Restaurant.  Explore the Seneca Nation culture at the Seneca-Iroquois National Museum in Salamanca.  Shop at some of the "English" businesses on the Trail like Mystic Hill Olde Barn, Randolph Retail Company, Jesse's Toy Box, or the Artists of the East Otto Country Associates.  Pick up the motorcycle of your dreams at Gowanda Harley-Davidson and see Amish country from a fresh perspective.


Please remember to respect their privacy and personal property, and don’t photograph them, as it is against their beliefs. As you tour the enchanted countryside, drive cautiously and watch for black, slow-moving, horse-drawn buggies.



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Brochure & Map

Get your own copy of an Amish Trail brochure & map stop by:

  • any of the Amish Trail businesses
  • the Gowanda Area Chamber of Commerce located at the Northern gateway to the trail
  • the Amish Trail Welcome Center in Randolph, New York the Southern gateway to the trail

Events along the Amish Trail

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