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Welcome to an experience you will not soon forget. Please take a leisurely stroll through our Amish Trail website where you'll see breathtaking images and learn a little about our area of Western New York. This hidden gem is just waiting for you to come and get caught up in an entirely different way of life.

Some of the signs along the Amish Trail

“What a stunning setting. This area has much greater appeal than Lancaster County, PA. What a gem! There is no hint of commercial development in the entire area so that visitors really feel as though they are in a different era ...”

- Roger Brooks, Destination Development, Inc.

Some of the Buttons for NY's Amish Geotrail

Earn geobuttons by finding geocaches while exploring the rural countryside! When you have collected at least 10 geocaches you'll submit your finds to receive a trackable geocoin! Learn more.

Buggies taking a break

Springtime is the perfect time to get outside, watch the ever changing scenery and explore the Amish Trail!  Watch as the fields are prepared and the baby animals frolick while you shop for unique handicrafts.  Plan your trip today!

Welcome to New York's Amish Trail

Summer time means produce time at the local Amish businesses.  Driving by the homes, you will see almost perfect looking gardens, with evenly spaced rows, no weeds, and beautiful flowers gracing the abundant produce.  Your group will find many of nature's goodies including strawberries, peaches, blueberries, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, squash, and more throughout different times of the season.  Many times you will find cut flowers resting in buckets alongside the stands for sale as well.  If you do not have a green thumb, or missed the short berry picking seasons, try stopping by an Amish business for your vegetables and fruits. 

Spring Garden

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Brochure & Map

Get your own copy of an Amish Trail brochure & map stop by:

  • any of the Amish Trail businesses
  • the Gowanda Area Chamber of Commerce located at the Northern gateway to the trail
  • the Amish Trail Welcome Center in Randolph, New York the Southern gateway to the trail

Events along the Amish Trail

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